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Connect with potential business partners, Companies, Consumers and grow your business straight away with LECIT by simultaneously managing your Ledgers, Accounts, Sales with Realtime GST Calculation in a Click

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Social Networking Platform for Businesses and Consumers

Developed with a strong motive to create a common unified marketplace for Consumers, Dealers, Distributors and Companies. Associate with different people and companies from all around the globe and hammer out deals instantaneously .

A platform to Research about various Business Sectors and be informed about the Current Market Trends in your Business Domain.

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Digital Ledger Management

Get deep insights into the details of your Company's Finance and flow of resources through Real - Time Data Management provided LECIT .

  • Manage your Ledgers Seamlessly

    Get uninterrupted access to an uncomplicated Digital ledger management system to manage Your Accounts Effortlessly.

  • Generate invoices Instantly

    With no Extra Effort you can Generate Your Invoice Instantly using LECIT and have a track of them .

  • Client-wise Report Generation

    With inbuilt Report Management, system quickly generate Statistical Report and monitor your GST and Oustandings Effortlessly .


Frequently Asked Questions

Every single that you need to know about Lecit to start using it on a day to day basis

How do you benefit by using Lecit ?

Using Lecit is a great decision for your business in this highly competitive world, because it creates a common marketplace for you to showcase your products to a wide range of diverse audience be it companies or end-consumers.

Lecit also comes with an extraordinary feature to keep a track of all your business expenses like sales and purchase by simultaneously providing you the ability to generate invoices for all your purchases.

We have also got you covered on the most tedious work of GST outstanding calculation ,where now you can estimate your GST outstandings with just a click. And above all it is a completely free product with superior security to protect your integrity and solidarity.

Is there any cost attached to using this Lecit?

Lecit is a completely free product developed with a sole purpose to ease business doing and there are no strings attached to it.

Why is digital invoice generation important?

Not only does e-invoicing help save all your client data and manage them in one go, you can also parallely add Multiple Users and Business and Organize all your invoices in one place without creating an confusion. Lecit has the feature of managing digital invoice for your purchases and sales effortlessly.

How secure is Lecit for your data?

Our security oriented architecture ensures superior security for all your data for each and every component and is stored in highly secure data centres. Each individual data is properly encrypted to avoid any data breach and potential data threats.

How to connect with different dealers and businesses?

Lecit is a common marketplace where companies and business-individuals from any business sector can register themselves with their corresponding details and can follow each other on the social networking platform to engage more .

How to manage ledgers of clients who are not in Lecit?

Lecit has this exceptional feature of adding your client details who are not registered with Lecit, to manage sales and purchase with them. You can now add customers manually and start maintaining their financial records. Hence you can manage all your customer’s purchase and sales at a single place.

How do I see my GST outstanding in Lecit?

This concern has been taken care in Lecit where you can Generate your GST outstandings for different time periods for all your purchases and sales in a single click (Generate GST File) under the Ledger tab , where an excel will be generated immediately with all the purchase and sales outstanding and the net liability .

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